Thursday, March 7, 2013

DOC Dead DieBia$e C2E2 2013 Exclusive from Goodleg Toys

It's official! The event known as "The Phalanx" is nearly upon us! And it will all take place in Nerd City's booth #967 in The Block at C2E2. The Phalanx will be a mini exposition of vintage MOTU 5.5"-style artists (or more specifically, their figures) from around the world, featuring extremely limited edition exclusives!

The first exclusive figure reveal from The Phalanx is DOC Dead DieBia$e from our friends at the mighty Goodleg Toys. This beautiful resin mashup monstrosity is cast in GID resin and features a really striking prison orange-themed paint job.  This figure will be limited to an edition of 5 and will be $60 each. You can snag these exclusively at Nerd City's booth #967 in the Block at C2E2 starting 04.26.13.
For more awesomeness from Goodleg Toys, check out their official online store!

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